Everyone has different lashes, some have small lashes and others long thick lashes. We are here to create all lashes equal. Our eyelash-ing service can be done faster than the blink of an eye. At Alter Ego, we can give you the size and depth you are looking for. Drive everyone around you crazy as you batt your pretty eyelashes at them! Come into Alter ego today to get those lashes you desire!

In many cultures, long eyelashes are considered a thing of beauty. We are here to help you get those long beautiful lashes that you long for. Specializing in classic and volume lash extensions. We specialize in creating a custom look for each individual client. We offer a variety of curls and lengths depending on what the client wants. Lash extensions can be natural or dramatic depending on your preference. We absolutely love helping women feel more beautiful and confident about themselves. We make sure customers have the donned lashes of their preferred material, length, curl, and fullness. Developing the exact style and lash for each client is critically important to bringing out the fullness and beauty of that person. We are here to provide you with full and beautiful new eyelashes.

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