Our stylists are synonymous with being the “best” in the business. Our reputation has become legendary. It is our individualized hair cutting and stylist that define where true art and beauty join together. Alter egos distinct creativity and style will help transform your hair. Cutting is simply altering your hair into the latest styles and inventing new ones. We are here to work with you to get you exactly what you long for in a hair style.

Inspired by the most current, versatile cuts. We are always trying to push the boundaries to make your hair extraordinary. Women have worn their hair in a wide variety of fairly natural styles over the years. A hair style may be determined by many factors, such as a persons physical attributes and desired self-image or the stylist’s artistic instincts. We are prepared to use both your physical attributes to our advantage when developing and implementing your new hairdo.  We like to accentuate your natural beauty and design a hair style that is both ascetically pleasing and self image boosting. We use a wide variety of tools to help us perform magic when it comes to your hair. At Alter Ego, we take pride in giving you the best cuts.

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