colorColor team – Alter ego

Our hair colorists team does great with all types of hair color. The colorists team has the perfect blend of individuality and uniqueness for your hair color needs. The Hair colorists specialize in both creativity and technicality. They work in harmony with our stylists to always create the perfect blend of shapes, highlights, tones, and hues.

Its important to know that your natural hair color first determines where to start when you’re choosing your desired shade. People with warmer base tones, can take on different colors than someone with a cooler starting hue can. Ask your hairstylist and our expert Hair Colorists team, who will be more attuned to identifying subtly tones. Be realistic as Rome was not built in a day. The more pronounced the change or more drastic the change the more likely for you to be disappointed. Unless of course, you are completely shifting to your Alter Ego. A slight shift, on the other hand, like from a rich brunet to spicy cinnamon, is completely attainable, and will leave you with more realistic beauty expectations. We are here to give you what you desire, and will work with you every step of the way.

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