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The Bridal team of Alter ego is renowned. Our coordinators are with you every step of the way. Planning, scheduling, and working with our bridal team of designers up to your big day!

He put a ring on it, and you began planning your big day. Now it’s time for you to get your perfect matrimonial mane. The joy of bringing two families together and a promise of a lifelong commitment to the love of your life is a special one! But with that also comes the stress of planning a wedding and planning how a bride will look on her day. After deciding what she is going to wear, the next big decision a bride has to make is how she will style her hair for the wedding. This is where Alter ego come in. Whether you’re a guest, in the bridal party, or the bride,  it’s an obvious fact that looking good is a must at any wedding, and the same standard applies to your hair. You need a style that will be etched in the memory of those around you for years to come. You need a style that will wow everyone in the room. At Alter ego, we are here to help awe everyone around you on your special day. We can do anything from

  • Classic Bun
  • Royal High Side Bun
  • Curled Updo
  • Braided Side Bun
  • Loose Ringlets
  • Flat Twisted Curl
  • Dazzling Dreadlock Updo
  • Back Twisted Updo
  • Styled Flat Twisted
  • Wavy Wonder
  • Braided Crown Updo
  • Curly Twisted
  • Beach Wave Curls
  • and so much more

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