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About Us – Meet Our Alter Ego

About UsAt Alter Ego, we come to work everyday to transform individuals hair and lives. Here is just a little about us – We integrally change not only the persons hair, makeup, eyelashes but their self esteem, attitude, and confidence in themselves. We are here to empower and bring out the sexy, fun, and exciting you. We are here to bring out your Alter ego. The ego that is confident, real, and free. We work hard to ensure that you are the best image of you that you can be. We are not your typical hair salon. We actually care about the individuals who come into our establishment. Alter Ego provides a little TLC to people who work hard and strive to look good. Your hair is more than just looking good, it is a life force and sends a powerful message of profusion, prosperity, and intelligence. Here at Alter Ego we are in the business of transforming lives and people perceptions of themselves. We are here to help bring out the better and more confident YOU- the Alter Ego YOU!


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